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Control & Treatment
A SAI PEST CONTROL provide the most effective treatment by first identifying the cockroach and understand its behavior so that controls are properly applied. A home or any premises may be infested by two or more kinds of cockroaches. We uses advance method that is 100% safe And Odourless for both Chemical or Bait control.

A. Chemical Control
A SAI PEST CONTROL use and apply the safest ISI approved chemicals & insecticides, to control cockroaches, and treat specific locations. A spray mixture of the recommended concentration is applied within the premises periodically.

B. Baiting by GEL
A SAI PEST CONTROL use reliable GEL baiting method. They are convenient and simple to use for controlling the cockroach problem in kitchen, pantry areas.This treatment is hassel-free and there is no need of removing utensil during and after the treatment. The GEL has a adverse effect on the cockroach and dies. The carcass of dead one is eaten by other cockroaches and they too it’s a chain reaction and within few days no cockroaches will be seen.

Cockroaches the N0.1 - Health Menace!
Cockroaches are the number one pest in homes and buildings, they are frequently carried into buildings in bags or boxes. They can live outside in Electric meters, garbage dumps or sewage systems and then migrate into homes. Cockroaches hide in sheltered, dark places during the day. Because they avoid light, they may not be detected in a home for months. Most homes have many cracks or crevices where they hide. They pollute food or cooking utensils with bacterias and germs.Cockroaches carry bacteria, fungi and filth on their legs and bodies. Their habit of hiding in empty spaces and moving under cover of darkness carrying bacteria is a health menace.

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