Sanitization Services In Mumbai

Sanitization Services

Dust mites, airborne allergens, harmful bacteria and other microbes don’t knock the door while entering; they just come whenever they find the place suitable for their living.

To name a few: mattresses, carpet, blanket, pillows, and bedding is their home of survival. Even though you clean your house everyday but these dust microscopic particles are tough to remove. They are not visible to naked eyes and enter your body unnoticed. They alone not enter as unwanted guest of your house but also bring diseases, infection along.

Problems these nasties can cause:
  • These are trigger point for diseases like asthma, eczema and allergic inflammations.
  • Polluting area making it unfit to live.
  • Major effect on child as it acts as barriers to your child growth.

Whether you are staying in home or locked your home for months, these will find ways to settle at your place. Proper sanitization is a must thing to save yourself and family from allergy and other diseases.

Sanitizing of house is best method to kick out these guest and make home a safe place to live in. Enriched with vast industry experience, A SAI PEST CONTROL is operative safeguard protecting you from these microscopic particles. A sai Pest control is the best services providers for sanitization in Mumbai, also we sanitizing the bed mite. A sai pest control provides services are sanitization, sanitization in Navi Mumbai, Bed mite control in Kalyan, bed mite treatment, bed mite solutions in Thane, Pest control in Mumbai, bed mite control in Dombivli.

Sanitization Services In Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Vashi & Kalyan.

Vapour steam
Dust Mite
Sofa cleaning
Curtains cleaning
Office Chair cleaning
Mattress Cleaning
Bed Cleaning

So what to do???

Sanitizing your mattress, bedspread, carpet, sofas, pillows etc is must thing to do. All you need is professionally trained repudiation technician who will assist in providing the highest degree of cleaning and sanitary as per your needs.
A SAI PEST CONTROL is operative safeguard, protecting you from these microscopic particles. Backed by the team of adroit professionals, A SAI PEST CONTROL is involved in offering the nonpareil sanitization services to whole of Mumbai, Navi mumbai, Thane, Kalyan.

Our services:
  • Our technicians are well equipped and well trained in keeping your house free from dust particles.
  • Serving our customers with high quality sanitization methods, using eco friendly products and updated equipments.
  • Quick service: Our well groomed technicians can haze and fumigate a whole house in several hours and have homeowners or even tenants back safely in a relatively short time making sure that there is no disruption to daily life
We make sure that you sleep well and play around the house without any worry.

Note to be noted:By minimizing the exposure to these allergens will help in reducing the chance of developing any allergies and asthma problem thus increasing your life expectancy.


Sanitization Methods


Simple technique: VACUUMING

Remove any dirt, dust, or pet hair and other unwanted particles polluting air and residing on mattress.
The filtration efficiency is excellent as it filter out More than 93.5% OF DUST MITES


STEAMING gives best result

The beauty of steaming is that it effectively and efficiently removes 99.9 percent of bacteria, germs and dust mites from surface.
For this water has to be heated to 175 degrees to sanitize effectively. It also helps in removing mattress stains



UVC is mutagenic to micro-organisms, bacteria, and viruses resulting 98.9% of removal.
UV breaks molecular bonds within micro-organismal DNA at wave-lengths around 260nm–270nm, forming thymine dimers which can kill or disable the microorganisms.


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