Snake Away Repellent Treatment Services In Mumbai

Snake Away Repellent Treatment

Snake Away Snake Repelling Powder effectively repel garter snakes, rattlesnakes and other species from areas they are not wanted. This powder snake repellent is applied around the perimeter of the area you want to protect. Snake-Away is detected by the snake’s Jacobson’s Organ (auxiliary olfactory sense organ) and disrupts its sensory reception. This disorientation causes the snake to slither away unharmed, in search of fresh air.
We make Snake-Away Powder band of 6 inches wide or spray along the compound walls and roads to repel snakes.
This treatment last for 4 months. This product contains naphthalene as its active ingredients. Snake-Away has greater than 95% repellency rate for rattlesnakes and garter snakes. The efficacy of this product makes it an indispensable resource in keeping your property free of snakes! Environmentally responsible, this product is safe when used as directed.


Snake Away Repellent Treatment

Snake Away Repellent Powder
Snake Away Repellent

Preventative Tips for Snake Away Repellent

Repels poisonous and non-poisonous snakes from targeted areas

Will not harm snakes and any pests.

Repels by temporarily disrupting a snake’s sensory reception

Granules are applied around the perimeter of area you want to protect or sprayed along the area.

95% repellent rate of garter snakes and rattlesnakes Residual protection lasts for 4 months.

It is effective in rainy monsoon season due to granule non dilution in water.

It is non effective only on the snowfall area or locations, as the snow covers the treatment.

The powder is sprayed, tracked or sprinkled on the concrete compound walls or road surface area.

The product is imported form United States of America.

This treatment do not kill the snake, pets, animals, pest, it repels them.


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